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Ordering your job online or through email.

How do I place an order?

You are able to place an order through our online ordering system. If you don't seem to find the product on our website you can send through an email direct to us at: info@pumphouseprint.co.nz with your order specifications.

What can I order through the online shop?

For convenience we have displayed all of our most popular products online with various common stocks (uncoated or coated) finish or (matte/gloss laminated). If there is a specific size or product you require we can most definitely help you out. Please send us an email to discuss further.

I don't want to order right away. Am i able to see a proof first?

We are happy to provide you with a proof prior to you confirming and placing a job order. A surcharge will be in place if the job does not progress from the sample proof.

I placed an order online but no one has gotten back to me yet?

Our online ordering system may take a few minutes to half an hour to retrieve all the details. If you have not heard from us during the day you can contact us on 09 555 8600 or send us an email to: info@pumphouseprint.co.nz

Can you run a sample print off before we run the full job order?

For most of our products we are happy to run a sample print just before we run the full job run. This is normally done on the day of the print run so we will expect you to be present on-site to check and confirm the sample. If you do not live within the vicinity we can courier the sample out to you at an extra cost.

How long does our print job take?

Once payment has been made and received - and your artwork file has been checked and proofed we can officially start your print job. For digital printing on average it takes 1-3 working days to complete. For Signage, 2-4 working days. This all depends on the quantity of your order where the E.T.A. would normally be judged upon receiving the order. Generally we are quite quick and if not within the day then most likely the following day!

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Artwork file setup for print. Acceptable File Types and requirements + more.

What file types do you accept?

The best file for us to print from are .ai / .eps / .pdf in vector format. However 300 dpi .jpeg / .png files is also ok.

I don't have a print file, can you design one for me?

Yes! we can definitely help you out with designing and setting up a file for you for print. Our experienced in-house designers are well equipped with the knowledge and know-how to make you look great and stand out from the rest! Please give us a ring on 09 555 8600 or send us an email to info@pumphouseprint.co.nz to discuss your project.

Do you need the artwork file for quoting?

It will definitely help us to provide you with a more accurate quote initially if we are able to view the artwork or even a just a draft so we can get a fair idea of what will be involved in your print order. However you do not have to provide us artwork for quoting unless we request this from you.

How do I send you my Artwork file for printing?

You can send your print file to: info@pumphouseprint.co.nz for up to 20MB. For larger files you can send these through to us through: wetrasnfer.com

What is Trim lines, Bleed and Margins?

Trim line is where printed products will be cut. Triine mark on the proof will not be printed. Artworks which have images required printing to the edge without white margin need  a file with bleed outside of trim line. Therefore, we can print on a larger sheet of paper and then trimmed down to the size.  Internal bleed is when all text/important graphics are kept a certain distance in from the trim line.  Internal bleed / Safe area is depending on printing process, but it is usually 2~3mm inside of each side of trim line. View Artwork Guide

What is Vector files and Vector Formats?

Vector art is usually created in Adobe Illustrator, and is commonly saved with certain file extensions. Vector file is required for special finish such as foil / embossed /  spot UV / letterpress, and so on. The three most common Vector file extensions are .ai, .pdf and .eps. However, just because a file is saved in one of these formats, does not mean that it is truly vector art. If you do not have vector file and unsure what it is, please email us the file you have!

I am having trouble setting up my artwork for printing. Can you help?

If you are unsure of setting up files for print, please give us ring on 09 555 8600 or send us an email direct to: info@pumphouseprint.co.nz

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How to pay. Payment options.

Can i pay through online?

Yes, we have Stripe which is an online credit card payment system.

What are my payment options?

You can pay by Stripe with your debit card. Direct Deposit in to our bank account or through Paypal.

What are you payment terms?

We require full payment prior to production or dispatching of products.

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Delivery methods and Deadlines.

What are your shipping methods?

We use courier post through parcel port for standard shippings. For urgent services we use Deadline couriers.

How long does a delivery consignment take?

Standard delivery time is 1-2 working days around Auckland and further afield. Rest of New Zealand may take up to 4 working days at the most. For international this will be confirmed via email or phone call.

Is there a tracking number for my delivery consignment?

For every delivery consignment sent out from us there will be tracking notifications sent to your email. Within these notifications all the details of your delivery will be embedded as well as your tracking number.

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